Foam Rolling

Roll Spinal Erectors

As shown, maintain some tension in the abdominals to prevent hyperextension in the lower back; but don’t round the back either. Try to maintain a flat, neutral spine. To increase the pressure, lean slightly towards one side, perform your passes, then repeat on the other side.

Roll Glutes/Piriformis

Note that the pressure is applied to the rotated and crossed over leg, as opposed to the merely bent leg, which serves to push you back and forth over the roller. For increased pressure, utilize firmer rollers (even a 6″ PVC pipe can be used) or utilize a lacrosse ball or a softball (to really dig around and get at particular trigger points).

Roll IT Band/Lateral Thigh

This one is great for counteracting the tightening up of this band of connective tissue which often results from extended sitting, but can also be induced by a lot of lower body work and the omission of regular mobility and soft tissue work. In the video we show the basic positioning and setup. For those desiring or requiring increased pressure, simply place that plant leg stacked straight on top of the rolling leg to increase the amount of body weight applied. To take it up another level, flex and extend the knee of the rolling leg as the roller moves up the thigh. All pressure should be applied just below the hip joint and above the knee joint.